Change your Conservatory Solid Roof to a Glass Roof

Glass Roof Conservatory

There is currently (2015 onwards) a trend to change the conservatory glass roof for the of a light weight solid or tiled conservatory roof.

However, there are still people out there that are fans of the contemporary conservatory with a glass roof (conservatory glass roof or glass roof conservatory).

Image you were one of the latter and you moved in to a property with a Garden Room or a conservatory with a solid roof.

You may wish to replace the solid roof with a traditional glass roof. If you do, then we can help.

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Our conservatory roof will totally transform your Garden Room BACK into the conservatory you want

Our CONSERVATORY GLASS ROOF  systems are based on traditional roof design methods including superior strength aluminium ‘A’ frames, that are fastened together using robust ‘fixed-joint’ technology which means no flexing and no risk of movement.

With a glass roof you can spend hours star gazing and watching the weather go by from the comfort of your home.

A glass roof however may not be a thermally protective so you may lose substantial heat during the winter, meaning you will have to work harder to keep it warm.

Let there be LIGHT and plenty of it!

We are not trying to contradict all that has been said on the other pages of this website.

It is just that there are many kinds of people and some like one thing and others… well, like other things. Neither is wrong or right… there are just differing points of view and we can accommodate both of them.

Turn your GARDEN ROOM or flat roof extension into a marvellous Conservatory 

Adding “your touch” to your new home.

If you are looking to revert a conservatory back to it’s original state, this is usually because you have moved in to a new property and you have a preference for the traditional conservatory roof over a solid conservatory roof.

Taking on such a project is a major task, so you are advised to ensure you contract a company that has plenty of experience such as Droylsden Glass Ltd.

Doylsden Glass have been undertaking this kind of work for well over 30 years!


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